Pitch Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

The journey begins the first day of freshman year. As a student at the University of Michigan, the world is yours for the taking. But, you need to act quickly. Freshman become sophomores and juniors in the blink of an eye. Then one day, much sooner than you imagine it to be, you’re a senior thinking about graduation and the “real world” to come. I am that senior now, panicked by all the things I want to do before I graduate from this incredible institution. Here enters the “University of Michigan Bucket List.” 

This project will take the form of a series of short essays. Each bucket list item that is crossed off the list will have a written essay attached to it that explains how I accomplished the activity, why I had it on my list in the first place, the history behind that item, and any reflections upon my completion of it. This written form will be accompanied by other media, like photos, videos, and music, that can enrich the description of that particular bucket list item. I also plan to include a written “reflection” that will tie together all of the experiences and provide a greater takeaway from the project. The bucket list so far includes: paint the rock, eat “hippie hash” at Fleetwood Diner, go to a concert at the Blind Pig, run through the North Campus wave field, visit the hydrodynamic marine lab tank in the basement of the West Engineering building, attend a Michigan hockey game in Yost Ice Arena, and play games in Pinball Pete’s. 

The intended audience is University of Michigan undergraduates who may also have a list of things to do before they graduate, or who are wondering what they should accomplish (and why) while on campus. It may also be of interest to alumni and prospective students.

The final project will live as an online article or website. Ideally, each bucket list item could be easily clicked on and expand to show its written and media components. As a website, this could mean each item linked to a separate webpage. I will intertwine the writing and media to break up text and keep the reader engaged. Thus far, I want to look into building a Wix site, using medium.com, or using an existing University of Michigan site. Whichever hosting site I use, I want it to be easily shareable online via social media and interactive for the audience.

I have attached a sample essay portion as if it were online with the multimedia aspects weaved into the text. Through this example, one can see how the multimedia elements will break up the description of each bucket list item to make the project more interesting for readers and how the final project may appear online.

This work should be published because it provides valuable information to Michigan undergraduates hoping to enhance their time at this university. I want this project to be a useful tool so that any student can feel they truly experienced much of what this institution and city have to offer. An online bucket list allows students to revisit the page as they check each item off the list for themselves. 

I should complete this project because I am a creative and engaging writer with extensive experience working with multimedia and online platforms. I also love the University of Michigan, and therefore want to do the best possible job relaying these campus and Ann Arbor experiences to students, so that everyone can experience the magic that is Michigan.


Elizabeth McLaughlin

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