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Yesterday in our meeting to go over rubrics for the capstone project, Blake brought up the fact that even though we (him, Katie, Yona and I) were discussing some nuances of our projects, all of which take a more traditional argumentative format, we were still a little in the dark on the actual concepts of each other’s projects. Since I know everyone reading this has been on the edge of their seats wondering “Wow omg what is that girl Margot doing for her final project I bet it’s super cool and interesting and she knows exactly what she’s doing right now and is totally calm about everything because it’s senior year so everyone around her is calm too and not stressed at all and it must translate into every aspect of all their lives,” I’ll tell you.

I’m not sure where exactly the idea came from, but I decided to write a series of Open Letters to various…entities, I guess, many with a “sorry not sorry”-ish sentiment.  The first letter that came to mind from a random conversation during our developmental essay intro workshop, was an open letter to my neglected, perpetually starving Neopet.

Picture of yellow virtual pet
Meet jellibelli74 (picture taken in her prime)


Something I want to address and explore, if implicitly, is the power that humor and satire holds in revealing greater truths about our daily lives. My Neopet drama may seem relatively innocuous, but I started thinking a lot about neglect as I wrote it (and I’m trying not to get too dark and intense here since it’s been a surprisingly slippery slope). The Apologia genre traditionally consists of a kind of preemptive self-defense, so I’m going to explore the genre in the form of letters, combining some pop culture elements and humor to add my own weird voice. I’m still refining my list of topics and need to consider how to arrange the collection in a cohesive way, but it’s coming along, I think?

Other topics I have in mind: Open Letter to Semicolons, Open Letter to The Girl Running Incrementally Faster Than Me On The Treadmill At The Gym, Open Letter To My High School Mascot, the Maple Leaf, Open Letter To The/My Viola… PLEASE let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts!

Can’t wait to hear about everyone else’s projects!!!

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