Super Dad

Well well well, look what we have here. Project 2 creeping around the corner. After finally deciding on what piece I wanted to work with and how I wanted to repurpose it, I started doing a little informal internet research on my new media. In case you didn’t know my plan, I have decided to take an old essay I wrote back in middle school about my dad being my hero and I am going to repurpose it into some sort of comic strip. With my dad, aka super dad, as the main character/hero of the comic (super dad), this idea sounded fun, new and interesting to me. I started with some cliche¬†google searches such as, “How to write a comic strip” and “writing a comic strip.”

Peanuts in super hero costumes…could this picture get any better? No.

These two simple searches proved to bring up a whirlwind of even more questions for me. I found a couple wiki pages about how to write comics strips and they were somewhat helpful. They even included pictures as an aid to their advice. Aside from that, my research hasn’t quite extended into more scholarly pieces quite yet. I’m still taking a look at the informal pieces, as I think writing a comic is a more informal writing media.

I look forward to seeing where this project takes me because it is unlike any piece of writing I have ever done before.

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