The Name’s Sara, No “h”

Sara Estes considers herself a professional to-do list writer as well as an aspiring foodie. She splits her time between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Cincinnati, Ohio, but loves to travel outside of her Midwestern roots. “Home” to her is anywhere she can spend time with her mom and dad, two older brothers, and of course her dog Scruffy. She is pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Writing as well as a minor in Digital Studies, and hopes to go into a career in digital marketing in the future. As a writer for Michigan’s chapter of the online food magazine Spoon University, Sara explores her love of food trends, delicious restaurants, and interesting recipes. She has always found inspiration in famous quotes, and dreams of the day that her written words touch people’s lives in that same way.


Enjoying a game day despite Michigan's poor performance
Enjoying a rarity: nice weather in Michigan

2 thoughts to “The Name’s Sara, No “h””

  1. Hi Sara – First, I think you are the winner of the witty title award. I love how it reveals a part of your personality as well as something unique about you. It’s also probably really annoying when they spell it “Sarah” at Starbucks all the time and stuff, so it helped us see a little of what life is like for you! You keep your post light with little quips like “professional to-do list writer,” and then you get deep at the end when you talk about how you want to inspire others. I think that’s great and that it’s kind of what blogging is all about – thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Love it! I myself am also a list-maker, however, I hardly ever follow through with all of my list items (working on that…). ANYWAYS, this is about you. I was intrigued by your Digital Studies minor, I didn’t even know Michigan had such a program! I was an intern at Elle Magazine this summer and the magazine had its own digital marketing department. One of my co-interns also had major interest in digital marketing, and she got a lot of one-on-one time with the magazine’s Digital Marketing Director. You should definitely look into (if you haven’t already) at some magazines for internships! There is so much to learn in the field. Despite the fact that magazines are a print publication, the outlet is a very fruitful area for people interested in digital marketing. Hey! Epiphany! You could combine two passions and intern for the digital marketing department of a food magazine! (hmmm…now that I think of it, all of my suggestions have probably already crossed your mind. Never mind me…carry on!)

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