Turn of the Century – My Pitch Letter

I am quite proud of this pitch letter and it actually inspired more interest in me to write this story. I’m looking forward to finally starting this project and am happy I chose it. Here’s the pitch letter:

Turn of the Century

Pitch Letter

Consider this… The media has successfully made many citizens doubt the reality of global warming due to the way it is presented in media, though scientists nearly unanimously agree it is real. If the media can make us doubt something so real, imagine what they could do with a subject that already seems like a joke to everyday society. A subject like UFOs…

Imagine the year is 2098, and global warming has scared developed countries to use much more green technology, but the climate is still in a tail-spin of natural disasters. As people around the world are now well aware that the climate has been impacted by humans, there is a feeling of doom looming over humanity as they struggle to solve the problem. Meanwhile, people are beginning to take notice of the ever-more frequent UFO sightings that have been occurring near natural disaster sites. It begins to spark a media firestorm of coverage. That is when environmental scientist Elizabeth Raya quits her job to begin working with an agency within the UN that investigates UFOs. The more she learns of these sightings, the more she discovers the long history surrounding them. After another large Tsunami hits the Caribbean, Elizabeth learns that a team of the best scientists and world governments are planning to gather to discuss a new solution to global warming… working with an alien species.

  • How would something like this impact humanity?
  • How would people react if governments around the world had to announce to citizens that aliens from another planet are working with us to save the planet?
  • WHY are they helping!?

That is exactly what my new short story will bring to light, in a frighteningly realistic way. It will be approximately 30 to 50 pages long, and will easily be a shorter rendition of a potential novel. The audience that I thought this type of work would be geared toward is high school to middle-aged liberal minded artists, due to their creative mind and openness to new ideas. However it also has potential to capture the interests of environmentalists and scientists.

Audiences are going to eat this story up because of the new perspective it takes on an ‘alien narrative’ in a way that seems very real and possible. This story is actually a representation of what I legitimately consider to be a possibility in the future, after I have spent many years being interested-in and investigating the UFO phenomenon.

The project is not intended to include any graphics, but perhaps a few sketches or digital representations of certain aspects of the story may be included.

This short story will come at a great time in the world of literature, when creative science “non-fiction” and fictional stories that incorporate realistic elements such as the Dan Brown novels (who I will use as a key model) continue to capture the interest of readers. Secondly, there is a heightened attention on the science community right now as global warming continues to be an issue. In combination with my database of UFO knowledge, interest in climate change and activism, and my desire to tell my first fiction story, I believe this project will prove to be an engaging success for readers and myself.


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