Write for the Infinite

People tend to forget: writing has not always existed.

Writing was invented.

created timelessness
where thoughts were not.

reached far distances
where words could not.

Imagine a world where
thoughts, stories, ideas, life,
died with the people who held them.

But we live in a world where writing lives on infinitely ∞


Write to remember-
Write to express-
Write to teach-
Write to learn-
Write to impact-
Write to reflect-
Write for now-
Write for tomorrow-
Write for yourself-
Write for everyone-


2 thoughts to “Write for the Infinite”

  1. Nina,
    I love this poem that you created. In my gateway class we debated a lot about when writing was invented and what constituted as writing (i.e. do pictures that tell a story count?), but we didn’t really address why writing was created. We mentioned that writing was a means of communication, but we never addressed writing as a permanent record of people’s thoughts and ideas. So many people with brilliant ideas have passed away, yet they still live on through the written record of their ideas. I really couldn’t imagine a world where people’s ideas died with them; I feel like we would never learn from the mistakes of the past and history would repeat itself in an unproductive manner. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Nina,
    I LOVED reading this poem. You are such an incredible writer and I am seriously jealous of your poetry-writing ability. Like Annie said, our gateway class engaged in a relatively intense discussion about whether writing has always existed (in the form of pictures, words, etc.) or if it is a relatively new phenomenon. I think you’re right in saying that the actual act of writing was invented, but I also think people were able to communicate before written words. Thank you so much for writing this poem and sharing it on the blog!!!

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