Writing is!


Writing’s not art. It’s not poetry.  It’s not Ginsberg

or Poe. It’s not colored, painted. It doesn’t               float

or   extend or change your world. Writing’s not turquoise! That’s too simple!

Writing is life.

Writing is everything you’ve ever known.

It’s the birthday card from your grandma.

It’s the OPEN sign on the door. It’s the I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S. you carved into that tree in your backyard some time ago, and the embarrassing love notes your mother would write on your napkin in elementary school.

Writing is the vow that you bro-

ke with your divorce.

It’s the black name on your BIRTH certificate that created you and the cold date on your GRAVE that ended you.


Writing is!

"Writing's not art."
“Writing’s not art.”

4 thoughts to “WRITING IS!”

  1. Writing is not art; it’s life. Your writing is like a magic attracting me to follow your steps and to picture all those situations where writing lies in. I like how you have created a rhythm for this writing with empty spaces italics, and bold characters, which for me actually performed a kind of art in writing. I could imagine the “open” sign, the initial, the love notes, and everything else because I, like you and everybody else, have experienced it, and writing them out is so relatable for me that they could recall the stories behind these writing back to me. And I believe that is writing, and the magic of writing only because writing is much more than just writing. Thank you!

  2. I really enjoyed your poem, I can tell a lot of thought went into it. My favorite thing is how you demonstrated what you were saying with words like “bro-ke” and “I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S” without it being obnoxious. Well done.

  3. Personally, I really love your style of writing. It was so interesting, and the different types of formatting really helped move me, as a reader, through your piece. My favorite parts were when you reflected through the text what you were saying. For instance, the fact that you split up the word “broke” into two lines to emphasize this break was genius. Writing in this way truly expressed the emotion behind the words. As you showed, you don’t have to write a lot to get a message across; sometimes just focusing on the words and really expressing their meaning does just as good of a job. Great work!

  4. I really like how your poem explores the inescapably subjective nature of writing. Writing is everywhere, and we can’t avoid it. But writing also means different things to different people. The line “Writing is everything you’ve ever known” really resonates with me because it exemplifies how the one’s personal meaning of writing will always change. If writing is everything I’ve ever known, and I gain knowledge over time, then this means that the meaning of writing will always be changing. This is a pretty cool idea that I interpreted from your poem, and I think you illustrated it well. Great job!

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