“Eventually Someone Will Catch Onto My Genius”

Listening to Laura Kasischke at Literati on Thursday evening was definitely interesting.

Unfortunately, I showed up a few minutes late (since I was getting dinner with my Dad), so I was unable to get a seat.  As a result, I had to sit on the staircase in the back.  A lot of the sound was blocked by the wall on the staircase so the beginning portion was quite inaudible to me!

Luckily, as people left I was able to make my way further into the room so that I could hear her better.

Laura Kasischke
Laura Kasischke

My takeaways from her talk:

She talked about the importance of finding the process that works for each individual writer.  In her classroom, she implements a lot of self reflection in order to teach people to love to write.  It was interesting how much she stressed the importance of style and voice in writing – developing my voice and style is something I have found myself continually doing throughout this semester.

She also emphasized how important it is to learn what ones subject matter is.  She admitted that writing isn’t always fun, but if you find something that you are truly passionate about then it becomes fun.  I really liked this remark, because in the past I have found myself struggling with writing papers simply because I wasn’t interested in the topic.  Being able to write about what really interests me has definitely impacted my love for writing.  I find myself much more passionate about each piece I produce.

Lastly, I thought it was extremely interesting how she gave insight into her writing process.  She admitted that writing is a lot like reading – oftentimes she figures out the ending as she goes.  This was surprising to me since I had always thought that writers had it all planned out from the beginning.  It was nice to hear that other writers, like myself, enjoy figuring it out as they go.

The spontaneity of this writing makes it feel the most genuine to me.

The fact that she added humor to her talk was great – her personality shined through.  I loved that she ended with the quote, “Eventually someone will catch onto my genius.”  Besides the fact that this was hilarious, her confidence with who she is as a writer was inspiring.

Amanda Kemmer

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