When it comes to grammar, the better question is, what doesn’t irk me? I am very easily irritated when someone makes obvious grammatical errors. If a stranger makes a grammatical error in one of our first encounters, I cannot help but knock them down a notch in my head.

My friend once told me that he feels he should not be penalized for what he does not know but was never taught. There are many instances in which I would agree with this statement. If you haven’t heard of a certain architect, artist, or author, that is entirely forgivable. But as college students, we do have an obligation to seek out certain types of knowledge. For example, it is our responsibility to know how to speak English. If you grew up in America, and attend the University of Michigan, and you were somehow never taught how to speak English, I would suggest you take the initiative to teach yourself. Know the difference between there, their, and they’re. Never forget, anyways is not a word!

Finally, once you learn the rules… feel free to break them!!! Breaking the rules can help add flavor and style to your writing. Just make sure you know the rules before you break them, so that breaking them is intentional and sophisticated, not ignorant and misplaced.

And their is my rant.



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