“iMovie for Dummies”

For anyone as technologically challenged as myself, you will completely understand how bold of a decision it is for me to make a video for the Remediation Project.  I have zero experience whatsoever.

Lucky for me, my Macbook has iMovie as a video editing app available for free.  My challenge for myself this week was to explore it.

I was surprised how well it went.  First and foremost, I loved that the app automatically synced up with the videos, pictures, and music I have on my computer.  This made it very easy to drag what I wanted into the editing space.  I also really liked that it has various themes you can use if you don’t want to start your project from scratch. They are professional-looking and are still editable so that one can make various changes to them.

It was made very user friendly by offering tabs for music, text and pictures. By simply clicking on these tabs, this program offered an array of options.  Also, editing a video clip was not as hard as I expected; by clicking on the clip, the selected clip would highlight and then you can drag on the sides or click in the center to make various edits.  This will probably be the most challenging part of video editing for me, though, since I have the habit of accidentally deleting the clip instead of shortening it.  Very frustrating!

Since my sister’s wedding is in the spring of 2015, I used some pictures of her and her fiancé and a theme to get a feel for the program.  Adding slides with text could be done by clicking on the “T” tab, and editing the text simply required you to click on the yellow par above the video clip and then type in the space to the right.  The separation of music, text, and video, made it easily visible how each component was working in the process.  Below you can see how I set up my edits:


Amanda Kemmer

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3 thoughts to ““iMovie for Dummies””

  1. Amanda,

    Trust me I am very much in your boat when it comes to being technologically challenged, and venturing towards a movie was also a bold move for me. I too have chosen iMovie and have been very happy with how little trouble I have ran into so far, and the various tools iMovie provides to make movies look professional and well put together. I am super intrigued by your topic and look forward to seeing how the movie pans out!

  2. Amanda—I am 100% technologically challenged and I also stated that within the first couple sentences of my #techchallenge blog as well! I am excited to do something new/different, but it will take some time and patience. I have pretty much zero experience (minus doing some kind of a “movie” presentation about the Bay of Pigs in 8th grade which my partner did 90% of the tech work). I have to agree with you about how easy iMovie was to use. I am looking forward to working with this program more because of how easy it is for users like us. I like how it ‘works with you’ to create this, like it seems effortless on both parts to create our project. We can definitely help out each other if we have any questions with this because maybe one challenged person can help the other one out! I will keep my fingers crossed about your progress. Good luck!

  3. Hi Amanda,

    I haven’t used iMovie in a while but mac apps tend to be very user friendly so I’m happy to see that this was no exception for you. I also think it was really smart of you to use familiar photos/videos to start experimenting with the program. A lot of the time people dive right in and try and use new footage in new editing software which makes everything seem a lot more foreign. I feel like using familiar footage would make it a lot easier and less intimidating when diving into the project.

    As you move forward, I think you’ll find that editing becomes a lot less difficult once you’ve familiarized yourself with the program. Did you try something as simple as ‘control z’ to undo your accidental deleting of clips? I know it’s a simple suggestion but definitely a great quick-fix for when things go suddenly wrong. Anyway, thanks for sharing and glad to hear it’s going well so far!

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