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For my remediation project, I will be relying heavily on infographics, which are visual depictions of information. Based on recommendations from my peers, I decided to use the website to create my infographics. The website seems very simple and easy to use. There are plenty of layouts to choose from but the options are not too overwhelming. As someone who has always struggled with inputting data into Excel spreadsheets, I found data entry on this site much simpler and more user-friendly. I created a very basic graph about college enrollment (pictured below) and even though this is just a rough version, the visual representation already supports my arguments much more strongly than merely listing the numbers ever could have. The only problem is the y-axis scale looks a little off, so I will have to check into fixing that.

My one worry about this site is that its templates seem limited to charts and graphs. I am thinking of creating more general diagrams such as timelines that do include specific data, so I would need a more sophisticated means of infographic production, which of course means I need to find support resources to tell me how to do this. Upon searching “infographics tutorial,” I came across an in-depth course form on how to create infographics, including choosing color schemes, fonts, and backgrounds. As we mentioned in class, however, requires a paid subscription, which the University does not offer to its students. I browsed more and found free tutorials on how to create infographics using Adobe Illustrator, but the application itself costs money. Luckily, it looks like the University has access to Adobe Illustrator so I may look into using this application for my project.

College Enrollment Infographic

Annie Humphrey

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  1. Hey Annie! This was a really interesting post to read because I know nothing about creating infographics. The one you have included in the post looks really professional, so good job with that! If you’re worried about using Illustrator, I would highly suggest going to the TechDesk in the UGLI. When I went there, the person who helped me talked a lot about Illustrator, so I bet they would be really helpful.

  2. Hi Annie,
    I think it’s really cool that you’re taking the infographic route. It’s definitely original and I think it’ll be really cool to see how it turns out. Adobe Illustrator takes a little bit of time to learn, I used it last year for my UROP posters, and learning layers and all can be a bit frustrating on your own, so I think it’ll be really good to get some help from the TechDesk or even just tutorials online. I’m really excited to see how your repurposing project transitions to your remediation. Best of luck!

  3. Annie,

    I’m not sure how much advice I can give you…I know very little about technology in general and absolutely nothing about info graphics. That being said, the info graphic you created looks great, and I definitely agree that data is better represented visually. You’ve devoted a good amount of time to researching applications, so good job on that! If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with how to use Adobe Illustrator, I definitely agree with Lia and Sonalee about the Tech Deck. I was only there for maybe fifteen minutes, and they were really helpful. I’m sure that would be an efficient way to learn about the application.

  4. Annie,
    I’m really excited that you are choosing infographics for your Remediation project! I know that when I talked to you last you were thinking of doing a digital brochure, but I definitely think that the infographics are an interesting and effective way of presenting your information to your intended audience. The image you attached looks great! (Especially for a rough draft of what you intend on doing). The only comment I have is that you are missing a label for the y-axis. I’m sure as you edit further, however, that little things like that will get fixed. I’m sure there are plenty of Youtube videos or other similar videos online for any help with regards to fixing little things like that. The colors and font are GREAT, though. It looks very professionally done and I am excited to see how your project progresses!

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