My Good Parents, Who Use Grammar Well.

In my family, I am notorious for correcting grammar. I try not to do it to people I don’t know well for fear of seeming rude or pretentious, but at home the corrections come out unfiltered. Couple this with my two foreign parents for whom English is a second language, and a lot of grammar-correcting is bound to take place.

However, I’ve become one hundred percent confident that nobody in my family will ever make the mistake of using “good” in the place of “well” or vice versa. I’ve drilled the difference in so many times that I’ve even heard my parents correct others on this matter (which made me very proud, by the way).

Here is the crash course in good versus well:

               When someone asks “How are you?” the correct response is “I’m good.”

               When someone asks “How are you doing?” the correct response is “I’m doing well.”

               Trying to describe how someone did something? – “They wrote the blog well.”

               Trying to describe the quality of what was done? – “The blog was good.”

               In general, “good” describes a noun while “well” describes a verb.

Of course there are a million other ways to apply the two words, but hopefully these couple of tips will save you from making a mistake today.

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