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Remediation is never as easy as I thought. There are so many aspects needed to be taken into consideration. A website seems very easy to handle; however, punctuation, the position of images, the volume of the background music, and many more are all very crucial to a good website. I’m saying a good or an average; if you want an excellent website, I’m afraid you will need to make much more efforts than writing a 30 pages paper.

Since I am not doing anything very professional such as coding that requiring specific techniques, I am more focused on the design of the website because I want it to look professional and matches with the theme. Therefore, I tried Lynda; unfortunately, students are no longer covered by our school. So I turned to our best friend Google (I know we are expected to physically go to look for resources in school, but I found Google is really not a bad idea), and I found a lot of useful resources related to web design in YouTube. One of them works very well for me. It is the website design 101 video series of Website.com. It covers the text, color choice, logo, menu bar and all other interesting design tips. The best thing is that it provides further reference for useful tools such as kular.adobe.com, etc. It does not just focus on its particular website design, but covers different general topics for all website design beginners.  The videos introduce very detailed aspects of web design that we might ignore when we decided to create a website. However, as we actually start to build and design the website, all these details will come out and become the most troublesome part of website. I think it is really helpful to know and learn all of these in advance, so when I actually begin the process and meet all these problems, I can handle them well with corresponding knowledge.

The other resource I go to is Wix.com on YouTube because I am creating a Wix page for my remediation project; therefore, to get familiar with the functions of the website is very important. I learned how to add music, video, anchor, gallery, Pinterest, animation and even live chat to the website. I especially like the function of adding anchor to the website, which is used to directly link an element to a specific location on the same page or another page on your site.  It works very well for long pages and it eliminates the presence of an actual link. All of these are necessary for my website, and having them in my website could make a big difference.

In addition, I have explored a podcast station named Spreaker, in which you can broadcast in a console for free. I have the idea to put some audio and Podcast pieces to the page to add some freshness to the website.

The lesson I learned from these resources is that to be concise when trying to design a website. No matter it’s the text, color, or information of the website, make it simpler, professional and less overwhelming to the readers.

Enni Zhao

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3 thoughts to “Oh Media, Oh Technology”

  1. Hi Enni!

    First of all, I was really excited to hear that we were being placed in the same blog group again. I’ve enjoyed observing the progression of your project thus far, and it will be cool to see it transform even more!

    In Tuesday’s class, you said you were leaning towards using Wix for your “Humans of New York” based blog/website. Are you still thinking about that? If so, I would love to hear more about how that’s going for you because I am thinking about using that platform for my eportfolio.

    Have you started doing interviews yet? How are those going? I’m excited to see your progress in class today! 🙂

  2. Enni,
    First of all, I am so excited to see the final version of your ePortfolio. I loved what you showed me in class and I’m sure it will just continue to improve. I am also using Wix for my website, so I can’t wait to try and implement all of the things you’ve learned so far! I’ve played around with the anchor feature a little and it seems like a really cool function; I definitely think it will enhance our portfolios!

  3. Enni,

    It sounds like you found a lot of good resources that will help with your project. Website design 101 seems like it will be the most helpful for teaching you some of the more advanced design features for a website. I had never known what an anchor was before I read your post, and it seems like the perfect tool for you to be able to move quickly between pictures of different students, if that is still how you’re planning to do your project.
    I am looking forward to seeing how your website turns out!

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