Practice What You Preach

When I discuss writing with others, particularly people who feel as though their writing isn’t strong, I tell them that the best way to improve is to simply sit down and write about the things that come to mind. Every so often throughout the day I will think of something that sparks my interest. It can be a funny thought, a simple idea, or something completely ridiculous and I know I should write it down, but I don’t. I’ve never considered the possibility that one of these brief moments could lead to larger idea or story, but every piece of writing starts somewhere, right? Instead of taking a few minutes out of my day to document these thoughts, I’ve effectively thrown away thousands of starting points for the next great story and the opportunity to become a better writer at the same time. I don’t practice what I preach and I really should. While I’ve already missed numerous opportunities to find the idea for the next great story, I don’t have to waste them moving forward. I will practice what I preach.

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