Storyboarding and Mocking Up

Working on two digital pieces simultaneously will definitely not be an easy feat. As I said in my last blogpost, I am seriously technologically challenged. That being said, the process hasn’t been as terrifying as I expected it to be. For my remediation project, I’m working on a video ad campaign. Initally, I was using a website called Viddyad and the process was going smoothly. Of course, the process became less smooth when I realized I would have to pay 500 dollars to record a voice over (as I had planned) and share the ad. New plan: iMovie. Fortunately, I don’t really plan to change my storyboard because iMove can do everything (and more) that viddyad can do.

Remediation Project Original Storyboard
Remediation Project Original Storyboard


My mockup for my ePortfolio did not come as naturally to me as the storyboard for my remediation project. For the first half of class, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make the portfolio more professional–including my resume, other pieces of writing I’ve completed, and a link to my linkedin account–or more thematic. Part of me wanted to go the professional route; I’m going to be spending a lotttt of time on this, I might as well make it useful for more than class. But at the same time, I felt really passionate about continuing on with my criminal justice topic I’ve used throughout the semester. I went with criminal justice. I figured, my interests and all my papers for the minor revolve around criminal justice. If a future employer were to look at the portfolio in a professional style, it would still solely be comprised of things relating to criminal justice. 

Illegible categories include opening statement, examinations (direct and cross), and closing statement
Mock-Up of ePortfolio Home Page


2 thoughts to “Storyboarding and Mocking Up”

  1. Hi Emily,
    I think none of us is tech genius, but we are all exploring and learning through this opportunity. Spend longer time on your chosen medium, and get to know it better. It’s just a matter of time.

    I totally understand your hesitation between creating a professional site and something you actually did research on and has much more to talk about. I think eporfolio is a place to present yourself as a professional, but it is more of a platform to express yourself and help readers to know your personality and characters. I think you make the right choice, and I agree with your ending sentence. The topic of criminal justice definitely shows your professional, but just from a different perspective. Good luck on both of your projects!

  2. Hi Emily!

    First of all, you deserve more credit for your technological capabilities than you give yourself! I would have never approached that ad-creating site as fearlessly as you did, and you are off to such a great start.

    As for your ePortfolio, I think that it’s smart you stuck to your guns and decided to stay with your criminal justice theme rather than stretch to make your ePortfolio “professional.” I always find that I produce better work when I’m excited about what I’m doing, and I hope you will too. Plus, your ePortfolio will probably come across as pretty “professional” without you even realizing it because you inherently have the knowledge and authority to speak about the topic of criminal justice. As you were beginning to design your portfolio, I saw a lot of potential, so I can’t wait to see the progress you’ve made tomorrow!

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