The Making of the E-Portfolio: Choosing A Starting Block

This week in the Gateway to the Minor in Writing, we began discussing the creation of our E-Portfolios. The first step of this process, as in any process, is to choose a place to begin; in this case, I am tasked with selecting a platform on which to build my E-Portfolio. I began by thinking about my goals for this project, which ultimately helped me to decide.

My goal for the E-Portfolio is, first and foremost, to present myself as a distinct writer and to show how my writing is reflective of my personality and style. In my opinion, my style is simple and straightforward, but always with an unexpected twist or a pop of something interesting and engaging. I find that this style is carried through in all areas of expression – in writing, in speech, in fashion, etc. Further, my “strategy” in expressing myself is to present that twist or pop against the more simple components so that whatever I am trying to emphasize really takes center stage; a cool pattern or standout accessory gets lost among other busy components, but shines against a solid background. In the case of my E-Portfolio, I envision a simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate site on which my writing stands out as distinct and special.

My second goal is for the E-Portfolio to be engaging for a wide and varied audience. I am hopeful that it will be appreciated and understood by my peers, my family and friends, my professors, future employers, and strangers on the internet alike. As such, I want my style to carry through the entire portfolio in a way that draws in the audience, but isn’t so complicated that it distracts or, even worse, loses the audience. I think that this is especially important in the online forum since it’s so easy to just “x” out the page you’re looking at if it isn’t drawing you in. In addition, there are an endless number of things to see and read on the internet, so if a page doesn’t engage its readers, it will likely be passed over quickly.

Finally, I hope to employ media elements that complement and emphasize my writing, without taking away from it. For example, the home page will include an image that is representative of my writing and of myself as a writer, though I haven’t decided what I want that image to be. Additionally, the “about me” page will include a photo of me that will help the reader to learn more about me personally; the “Why I Write” and Project 2 pages will include images relating to those projects; and the Project 3 page will include my documentary along with some kind of “preview” image. I have decided not to include sound in my E-Portfolio, as I feel that it will distract from in-depth reading of my projects.

On the whole, my hope is that my project will be as unique as I am; I don’t want it to be lost in the crowd of E-Portfolios or to conform to others’ standards of what is appropriate. As such, I’ve decided to build my E-Portfolio on the Wix platform. I chose this platform specifically because I think it will be most conducive to my goal of uniqueness, while still allowing me to build a simple yet exciting site. The Wix platform seems to allow you to customize your site extensively and easily. Its wide variety of templates will allow me to create something unique without “re-inventing the wheel”, while still retaining the option to change anything that isn’t in line with my goals. Further, I’ve found that other Wix sites are extremely easy to navigate, which is very important in furthering the goal of not losing my audience.

I am very excited to begin this process and I hope that I will effectively accomplish all of the goals I’ve set out for myself in the creation of this E-Portfolio.

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