The UM bucket list continues! HELP!

Alright friends. This weekend, I’m accomplishing two more bucket list items:

1. My first UM hockey game (Friday 7:30PM at Yost)

2. Running across the North Campus “wave field”

I know I want to capture the hockey game through sound (of the crowd and the players) and possibly video. However, I’m a little stuck on how to capture the wave field experience. I’ve done a lot of photos with my other bucket list items: adventuring along the Huron River, painting the rock, and eating hippie hash at the Fleetwood Diner. Any suggestions as to how to approach the wave field? Are there cool photo or video apps that would allow me to capture the event in a unique way? For example, I played around with a time lapse app when I was on a run, and I got some cool effects, so I want to use that video on the “home” page that describes the list.

I’ve also considered using Youtube videos about the wave field as a way of supplementing my experience. I could also capture the entire journey up to North Campus (not just being on the wave field). Thoughts? Thank you!

3 thoughts to “The UM bucket list continues! HELP!”

  1. Do you know anyone with a go-pro that you could borrow? That could be a cool way to get a first hand video experience of what it was like for you to run/roll/lay/do whatever people do on the wave field…!?

  2. I like the go-pro idea a lot! I also saw an article online where a women used the Nike running app to draw pictures with her running routes:

    It could be kind of cool to make a Block M while you’re running or spell out your name or something! Although if you do your name in cursive, you might get a bit dizzy as you run… 🙂 I have always wanted to go to the Wave Field but have never made it up there. Better go before the snow gets really deep!!

    The hockey game will be super fun too, and I like the idea of capturing the sounds (the skates on the ice, the pep band, the cheers from the crowd, the buzzer) and giving the picture of what it was like to readers of your blog through the single sense of sound. Excited to see what you come up with!

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