This should be interesting.

This is me when it comes to trying to make video.

 I have no idea what I'm doing meme

This will honestly be the first time I have ever made a video. I have attempted to do so in the past, but the process was so painstakingly long, I simply gave up and moved on. However, this is something I know that I cannot do for this remediation project, and I’ll admit, I am really looking forward to it. So for our #techchallange, this week I am committing to learning iMovie.

I was deciding between working with iMovie and Final Cut Pro and decided that iMovie would be better since A. It is already free on my mac. and B. I will have access to it beyond my time in school. Although I’m almost positive most newsrooms or tv stations probably use Final Cut Pro, I’m sure just general knowledge of video editing through iMovie would still be very helpful in the job market. Learning iMovie simply makes more sense.

I have a few ideas of how I will learn this program. The first place I will go will actually be an iMovie workshop sometime this week. There are a few of them here at the University, and even if I don’t have time, I will make and appointment with Informational Student Services to see what they can teach me. I also plan on using Although we might no longer have free access to the website, I know about a couple of podcasts who promote the website that provide a code that gives you a month for free. Even if it’s a subscription service, as long as it doesn’t cost a fortune, I’m sure it is worth the money. I feel like both of these will give me a pretty in depth look at that program.

However, I think the best thing I can do right now is go to apples website and look at their overview of the program. I know it probably will not tell me HOW to use it, but I know it will at least give me an idea of WHAT it can do. Plus let’s not forget, there’s always plenty of free help on youtube.

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2 thoughts to “This should be interesting.”

  1. Hi CJ,

    I love your first picture. That’s so true when it comes to technology. According to your description, I think iMovie should work well for you. Video is the biggest challenge for all of our classmates who are making videos for the first time, but I’m sure you will feel very accomplished once you complete your final project.
    I found YouTube a great place to learn about nearly everything, but your plan to visit technology desk should be a better option since you could actually sit down and talk with someone professional. In addition, since so many of us are doing videos, it could be a perfect opportunity to share information with each other.
    Good luck on your project. Can’t wait to see the final result.

  2. CJ,

    I think you’re spot on with looking around on Youtube for various how-to videos. I’ve used Youtube videos to brush up on a bunch of topics from learning formulas in Calc to getting chocolate stains off of my new pair of khakis. However, the ability to ask questions and work through any problems you have with a trained information tech will be invaluable. Also, the iMovie conference that Naomi is trying to get scheduled should be a great opportunity.

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