I’ve written about why I write, so I figured it would be appropriate to write about where I write.

Last year, I did all of my work in Ross. I had the Winter Garden for when I was working on collaborative projects, or for when I didn’t mind all the noise and chaos around me. I had the private study rooms that I could book for both group projects and serious quiet study time. And most importantly, I had the 4th floor of the Kresge library to study in complete and utter silence – where I always knew there would be a spot for me to get my work done, in my own little cubicle, with my friends sitting around me working as well.

Since they knocked down Kresge, Ross has been rendered useless to me. The Winter Garden is more chaotic than ever before, the study rooms are always booked, and Kresge no longer exists. This has forced me to walk long distances to find spots to get my work done. I have been very angry about this as it applies to every other class, but for my writing, I have appreciated this change of scenery.

When writing my Project II, I wrote in spots scattered all around campus. I wrote on the third floor of the Ugli, in the reading room, in the comfy chair angled with a view outside the window, overlooking the diag. I wrote in my bed, cuddled up with a mug of coffee, snuggled into my blankets. I wrote in the Law Quad, in am enormous but silent room. I wrote in class, with my finance teacher droning on in the background. I wrote in my living room, splayed out on the couch, chatting with my roommates between paragraphs. I wrote everywhere I could.

Turning back to my essay at many different points of time, from all of these varying vantage points, I was able to bring a refreshing perspective to my paper over and over again. I found that writing in different places helped me view my paper from all angles. This helped me to remember things I would have otherwise forgotten, to edit my paper in different mindsets, and to include everything that was most meaningful to me. It allowed me to write in more chipper moods, in more serious moods, in more relaxed times and in more stressed times. And I think my paper truly saw the benefits of this varied experience.

So if the school hasn’t already done it for you, “demolish” your version of the 4th floor of Kresge. Go out and write all over campus and you will see the difference in your writing.

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