Caring is for Sharing

Dear Future Minor in Writing Students,

Congratulations! Welcome to your journey as a writer.

I am sure you have written many essays in the past and have even taken other writing courses at the University of Michigan. Those classes may have been focused on any number of topics, but this class is different. This class is about building up you, your brand, your writing persona.

So take advantage of the “you” time.

Creating an EPortfolio gives you the opportunity to showcase yourself and something you care about. So make sure that everything you write for this class is meaningful to you. This isn’t an essay to hand into a teacher and never read again. This is work that you will share with your classmates, that you will discuss all semester, and that you will pass along to your friends and even potential employers.

They say sharing is caring. I would like to argue that caring is for sharing. Dedicate your time to something you are passionate about and you will be excited by every opportunity to share your work.


Good luck and make the most of you.

One thought to “Caring is for Sharing”

  1. Hi Nina,
    I completely agree with your main point about picking a topic you love. I think that, when you’re writing about something you’re passionate about, it will be a lot easier to make and, on top of that, be better in quality; this was definitely apparent in your pieces, since you picked something so important to you. Also I agree with the “sharing” component of this piece as well–if we’re so excited about a topic or idea, we should do it justice by letting it be heard. As a phrase, “Caring is sharing” is great and you should definitely claim it as yours before someone else does!

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