Eportfolio Reflection!

It is immensely satisfying to see my eportfolio in its completion. I recall beginning this course and feeling inspired yet overwhelmed by looking at the previous cohort’s eportfolios. They were so in-depth, thoughtful and comprehensive. They seemed to come together effortlessly because most of them drew connections between their writing so well. With that in mind, I am proud that I was able to create an eportfolio of my own that seems to have come together with a sense of cohesion and purpose. The process of video editing was by far the most tedious aspect but one I knew would be meticulous coming into the remediation.

I am also happy with how my progression through my various pieces presents itself in my eportfolio. I think it is not only accurate but reflective of my writing and growth process in this class. With something such as my Why I Write piece, I really enjoyed going back and reexamining my thought process and outlining to reach the ultimate work. It is so easy to often forget the thought and reflection behind a final work. In my opinion, though, it is so necessary to take time to look back at these processes, both the successful and unsuccessful, to learn about myself in multiple ways. With some time apart from the piece, I saw where the weaknesses and strengths of that paper began to emerge early in the planning process.

I ended up being happy with my remediation because of the immense effort I put into it but I do think I can continue to improve on it. I think I will be inevitably compelled to continue revising this video piece as I continue to learn more about crafting and editing feature videos. Especially with this upcoming year holding more video editing experiences and lessons, I think this will definitely be a piece I will want to revisit as I continue to learn more about crafting creative videos.

Throughout the entire process of remediating, the most frustrating part was definitely video editing. I did not realize how much more tedious a feature video integrating music and carefully juxtaposed interviews would, though. The uploading process simply because of the equipment I was working with (a macbook air with limited processing power) also made the process that much more tedious. I think I will continue to revisit this piece even after this class.



Anisha Nandi

I am a Communications and SAC double major pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. I am originally form New York but love being at U of M. I enjoy playing soccer, spending time with my family and being outdoors. I have always loved writing, especially creatively.

2 thoughts to “Eportfolio Reflection!”

  1. Hey Anisha!! I definitely agree with a lot of things you said about our eportfolios. I remember thinking that I really hoped my eportfolio will look half way as decent as the previous cohorts. But now, when I look at everyone’s in our classes and mine, I realize that we were able to make something as fluid as those who came before us. Finally, I was nodding my head agreeing to your post about with taking some time a part from your projects that you were able to spot a “weakness” and would want to fix it. That is one thing that I did highlight in my eportfolio reflections. With the confidence in writing that I have learned since the start of the semester, I do believe I could’ve made better progress on my projects. But, it is what it is and I am still proud of my progress in this class! It was great getting to know you!

  2. Anisha,

    I am with you when it comes to being intimidated by the past Gateway cohorts’ eportfolios. I thought that there was no way my technologically challenged brain would be able to come up with a website that looked so professional and seamless. But, the truth is, we all did it. I am amazed by all of the portfolios, yours included, and how amazing they all look after all of the effort we poured into them. Further, I’m sure it must have been a unique process looking back at your Why I Write piece, I decided not to revise but from looking at old pieces of writing just for leisure, I know how looking at an old piece of writing can tell you a lot about yourself as a writer, and you can see very clearly areas that you have improved significantly. In terms of the remediation project, I think that we are all very much in the same boat in that we are all slightly perfectionists who wish that our movies looked slightly better than they do, but we have to keep in mind the allotted time we had to produce the project and our very little experience with these mediums. Maintaining that perspective allows us to look back on our work with pride, rather than criticism.

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