Hello, Goodbye

I wish I could cheerfully introduce my writing portfolio, as it is something that I have poured my heart into, but I cannot help but feel sad as I am writing my last post on this blog (at least for the time being).

This semester was incredible, shoutout to Fall 2014 Cohort, you guys have been amazing to work with! I can pretend that this is the first time I am introducing you to my portfolio, but the reality is, you have been there every step of the way. So thank you for your support and feedback.

To the rest of the MIW Community, I cannot wait to take a look at what you have all been creating, and I hope you find this glimpse into my life meaningful as well.

Dive in: http://nsteinb.wix.com/ninasteinberg1

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 6.37.36 PM

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