It’s Been Real, It’s Been Fun…

…and usually that statement ends with “but it hasn’t been real fun.” That is the opposite of the truth, however, because it has been both of those things and more.

I typically despise the notion that “time flies,” because I feel that in most instances, it does not. But this semester in the Minor in Writing Gateway course is one of those rare exceptions where it feels like just last week I was scouring the furthest corners of my mind seeking to attain the reason that I write. (Okay, maybe it didn’t take THAT deep of an analysis, but figurative language is our friend.) It feels like only a few days ago that I was sitting in the Fish Bowl, furiously typing away at what became Project II. In the same vein – I promise I’ll stop after this one – it feels like just yesterday I was stitching together the video segments that developed into Project III.

The moments in which time does seem to fly, those are moments where we find enjoyment in our doing. And that is certainly how the Gateway course played out for me this term. There were certainly times when the projects caused me some stress, and when it seemed like I might have been trying to do something that took more work than I was prepared to do – especially with Project III. Nonetheless, this course will go down as one of my favorites of my undergraduate career at the University. In large part, that categorization is thanks to the instructor I had for the Gateway – T Hetzel. She was able to make the course feel like a community of writers, like a family, the likes of which I have not experienced in any other course here, and not since my time at my small private high school in Northern Michigan. It is clear that she cares about her students and their writing, and she helped me see things about my writing voice that I hadn’t laid eyes on before.

I am grateful I decided to apply for the Minor in Writing, and even more so that I was able to experience the Gateway course with a devoted professor. And now I present to this lovely blog and anyone who happens upon it, my Gateway EPortfolio, which can be found here:

I’m excited to continue my journey through the Minor and look forward to the many positive experiences that are sure to ensue. As always, happy writing!

Over and out.

Peace Out

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