Pattern of Proving Myself Wrong

The words that come to mind when I think about the ePortfolio process:

Tedious        Frustrating         Help         Gratifying         Confusing         Proud

There are definitely more, but those are the first I thought about.

I can’t believe we just finished our ePortfolios. Looking back to the start of the semester, I remember chuckling to myself about the mere thought of creating a website; there was no chance! Well, as I’ve done more than once in this class, I proved myself wrong…

 What I’m happy with: The final product. I know that sounds boring, and a little bit obvious, but it really is what I’m happy about. I kind of anticipated finishing this project thinking, okay it’s done. Now I can hide it, pretend like it never happened, and move on. Well I am thrilled to announce that that is not how I feel. Despite the kind of bizarre theme, I actually want to show the portfolio to people. I think it really encapsulates me, my experience in the minor, and why I write.

What I still want to work on: Considering it’s due in 18 minutes, I’m a little late on this question. But for argument’s sake, let’s pretend the project isn’t due yet. I think I would first play around with layout. While I like that “The Writing Trial” is simple, I feel like I could have figured out a way to make it less boring.

What the process was like: In a word, tedious. I am a perfectionist so ensuring that every single button and every single text box lined up was not an easy feat.

 How well did you achieve your purpose in presenting yourself as a writer: Hopefully, well. I tried to organize the portfolio in a way that the entire website would lead up to discovering why I write (to accomplish my goals, to eventually practice law, etc.) Looking back over it now, I think I did a pretty good job. But this is the link to my ePortfolio, The Writing Trial, so you can judge for yourselves!

One thought to “Pattern of Proving Myself Wrong”

  1. Emily,

    I cannot agree more about your five key words. I’m a perfectionist as well (which is really bad in this project) that I cannot bear any small mistakes affecting the whole page. I have tried sitting for hours to correct the lines, the font , the sizes, but now it’s all accomplishment. Congratulations to us for completing this project successfully!
    I really like the metaphor you used for your website which directly informs the audience about the subject, and the layout is very easy to navigate. If you are considering future development, the only tedious suggestion is that it might be good to change the font of the menu because it makes your categories a little bit hard to read,

    Good luck to the rest of your semester and hope you have a wonderful break!

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