School’s Out!

So the end of the year is upon us and so is the end of fall semester. Here is my final e-portfolio for the writing 220 class. I hope anyone who looks at it enjoys it! let me know on here or on the site if you have any questions or want to know more!

This was a very fun project and it made me think about what I wanted to have on my site representing me. I chose to go with a few pictures but not too many. I also added a monthly content area on my home page that has a poem and a ted talk every month. I like poetry and ted talks, so I thought that was good content to have because it represents me and my interests. I am going to try and continue on with this site, update that monthly content, and tweak it here and there to be an online profile that a potential employer might look for.

As for the project in it’s current form, I wanted to keep it more focused on the class. At the same time I wanted the site to portray me to some extent. I don’t know if that comes across the greatest, but I think the style, theme, and other personal touches that I added help paint the picture of who I am.

Writing 220 was a great class, and I’m so happy to be off on the right foot in the minor! I hope you enjoy the portfolio!



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