WOAHH BABY! Man oh man did this semester fly by with our class. I remember walking in the first day having no idea what I got myself  into, especially when our class as at first super silent and around a table. I cannot believe I will be submitting my final project in this class tomorrow!

As I reflect back about my progress on my eportfolio– I am very happy with what I have been able to accomplish. At first, I was really confused as to what our eportfolio had to present. But now I am able to completely understand the prompt and add in everything needed to make my eportfolio complete. What I love most about my eportfolio are my transitions and reflections from project to project and how I felt I had grown as a writer. BUT my favorite page is definitely my ‘About Me’ page because it briefly talks about our class and then it allows my audience to know my other interests then just writing– because writing is only one part of me.

This process was very interesting for me. Because I didn’t quite understand the whole “reflection” part of the prompt, I was just filling in the spaces of my wix blog and was like “WOW, this looks good” (referring to my placement/design). However, now when I have been able to understand everything, I am still scrambling a little to complete my full reflection. Therefore, it has taken me some time to re-arrange some pages to fit in my reflections in my page design. And luckily though for my reflections, they can be an on-going thing because what I say/do is not permanent. I am excited for my audience to be able to view my eportfolio and understand my thought process (and struggles) when it comes to my writing process.

I hope I was able to present myself as a writer as enthusiastic. When Sarah reviewed my eportfolio for an in-class activity, this is the first thing she pointed out. So I was like “YES!”. However, through my reflection I hope to continue to show my audience that although I had many “bumps in the roads” I have been able to still stay positive, work through the obstacles, and complete the projects.

If you have time to check out my blog, please do! I would love all and any feedback (positive and negative).

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2 thoughts to “THE END IS NEAR!”

  1. Emily,

    I can’t wait to see your portfolio tonight during the showcase. As a member of your blog group, I was able to follow your remediation project from its conception to its completion so I can attest to your various bumps in the road. However, I can also attest to your continual positive attitude even when you were struggling, and your persistence to make the project the best that it could possibly be. I truly admire you for that.

    Secondly I totally understand and relate to your initial feelings about the reflective element of the portfolio. I added in some short context at first but the idea of reflecting upon these projects made so much more since once I actually started writing. It allowed me to realize that as a reader of this portfolio who was unaware of the details of the prompts or our assignments, it is important to convey just how we got from point A to point B. Further, along with making the portfolio accessible to an unseasoned audience, it allowed me some time to personally reflect on the writing process of each project and the decisions I made along the way.

  2. Emily,
    Your reflection in this post really got me thinking about our semester in the minor. I remember feeling so lost at the beginning as to what an ePortfolio even was! I also think it is hilarious that we both focused so highly on the designs and then struggled to fill in the reflective information later on. Based on the way your ePortfolio looks, I can tell that you and I are very similar in that we love our work to be very visual.

    My favorite page of your ePortfolio is your “About Me”. As a member of your blog group, I have had the chance to learn your writing style and I think this page really lets your personality shine through. The fact that you guided the reader through your interests with pictures made this a very interesting storytelling. It looks GREAT and is extremely unique (especially the addition of a bucket list). I am so glad that we had the chance to work together this semester and I wish you the best of luck with everything in the future!

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