xoxo, Catherine


I have been on this campus for three semesters now. I’m not even halfway finished with college. I’ll admit that I am still naïve to this whole college thing—honestly, I think we all are. Despite my naivety, I’ve come to a realization. With each new semester come new mistakes, discoveries, and lessons. Each season I spend at this school, I find out something new, not only about The University of Michigan and its people, but also about myself. I feel the impressions Michigan has molded onto me. This semester I learned how to be a part of a close-knit academic community. As a freshman, I drowned behind a tiny desk in a sea of students during large lectures. I was silenced by my inexperience and anxiety. But this semester I learned what it takes to be a student—which doesn’t mean I’m good at it. I didn’t necessarily succeed in being a good student, I just now know what it takes to be one. This isn’t some definitive life mantra, but I’ve learned that to be good a good student—to be good at anything—you need to be proactive, you need to reach out to people and you need to work your ass off. This gateway course has been an invaluable learning experience and I truly appreciate being able to meet all of my brilliant cohorts and the brilliant T. Best of luck to everyone in everything you do. Here is my ePortfolio, the electronic manifestation of this semester and hopefully the semesters to come.




Catherine's ePortfolio

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