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While I hoped to uncover some viable topics for consideration into the Capstone project through my browsing of the Library Research Guides, I instead found valuable information regarding the Espresso Book Machine (or EBM) we have in plain-view at the Ugli. An entire research guide is devoted to teaching us how we can (almost) instantly print a book for a very small fee! That means material in Open Source, materials with the permission of the copywriter holder, and your own writing!

Image courtesy of MLibrary.
Image courtesy of MLibrary.

I immediately started to think about 3-D printing and the printers on North Campus when learning about the EBM, and the ability to make something just appear in such a desirable form. Then I thought that I need to start writing a book or a story ASAP just so I can test it out. Everything a self-publisher wants to know about the process is up on the guide and ‘self-publishing’ tab. One thing that it makes a point of is to stress that the service doesn’t offer an ISBN number, but you can get one through contacting Bowker, the official ISBN provider or the U.S.

It’s likely that many students do not know about the EBM, along with many of the other amazing resources available to us on this campus. It was not until winter term of my sophomore year I learned I could check out video equipment, camera equipment, or laptops from the ISS Media Center for a short period of time.

I’m really excited I got to learn about this obscure resource for publishing on campus. While the rest of the Research Guides may not have been as useful to me, this worthwhile discovery was something I wanted to pass on to my fellow Minors.

Gabriella Ring

Gabriella is a junior majoring in International Studies. She has traveled abroad extensively and hopes to work in the cruise industry after graduation.

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