Deep in the Zone of Discomfort

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” It sounds nicer than it feels. Still waiting for a capstone project topic to suddenly appear in my mind, I began my relationship with the UM Library Research Guides apprehensively. I’m eager to figure out what to do with this project, but my discomfort with not knowing unfortunately led to procrastination. When I finally pulled up the link to the UM Library page (which I, somewhat embarrassingly, have only used maybe three times in four years here), I attempted to branch out from my course of study (business) and comfort zone and clicked on International Studies, then Social Sciences. I searched through both, clicking deeper into the web of resources, but came up uninspired.

Back where I started, I sheepishly clicked on business only to find that the link to resources was notably empty compared to the pages I just came from. I took that as a sign to get out of there, and went back to Arts instead. Scrolling down the page, I found a link for ‘Detroit.’ As a Michigander and someone who grew up in the metro Detroit area, I was fascinated to find an astonishing amount of blogs, media sources, and general resources about various parts of the city. Of all of the pages that I visited during this rabbit hole search, the Detroit page was the most populated with vibrant information. I am surrounded by peers from various classes (native Detroiters and otherwise) who display an unwavering passion for the city and current revitalization efforts. Visiting this page reminded me of them, and made me curious about this evolving city. An idea to potentially keep in mind.

This rabbit hole search provided a glimpse into the sheer volume of resources at my disposal as I embark on my capstone project, but also overwhelmed me all over again with the seemingly enormous task of picking a topic. Now, I only hope I can narrow it down, find my idea, and climb out of this zone of discomfort.

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