The Joys of Reading Recreationally

It was an honestly sad moment. All it took were a couple of words.

“Do you want to go to the library?”

Instantly, there were tears in my eyes. Coming home for Christmas Break allowed for various things to happen. I finally had time to spend with family and friends, plenty of food to eat, and most importantly opportunity to be pegged with the never-ending questions about my future and my perpetual single-ness. But something such as reading recreationally hadn’t even been an option, not with the endless lifeguarding shifts and the dry textbook readings assigned on a daily from my history professor.

Over break, I plunged myself into the task of reading as much as a could, recreationally, before I would be launched back into the reality of LS&A and all of the reading its humanities courses’ require. I dedicated all of my time to Jodi Picoult, J.K. Rowling, Sarah Dessen, and Chuck Klosterman. I laughed and cried and rewatched all of the Harry Potter movies. It was a grand old time.

While I enjoy to read many things, I always find myself deep in Sarah Dessen’s unchanging plots of unreachable girl meets unreachable boy…then they reach each other? I don’t know. I’m a sucker for all of that romance giggity.

As I said in class, I love the one-liners. Getting to the bottom of a page and going back just to get the same feeling you did when you read that sentence. Goosebumps, tears, whatever. Anything that can really elicit emotions is pretty fantastic. Chuck Klosterman has a great line in his book Eating the Dinosaur: “Time doesn’t wait for your participation in life.” Is that so great or what? Time doesn’t stop, or much less care, because you aren’t fulfilling your destiny or making the most out of the opportunities granted to you! Ugh, I get so hyped when I read that…then slowly slip back into my coma of Netflix.

I often find myself scrounging around WordPress, looking for other blogs to read. I write my own blog, but it always feels quite strange to read my own writing…especially because it was meant for someone else to enjoy.

Anyways, I love to read. I love to read what I want, when I can.

Christmas break is a magical time, but now I’m off to read something about Evolutionary Anthropology.

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