Well, Hello Gorgeous

Hello There,

First, eye need you to know that eye look forward to working and growing with all of you Gateway homo sapiens.

My name is Christina Alexander, and this Sunday, January 18th, eye will be 20 years young. Eye am a proud Detroit native, a dancer of ten years, an eternal learner, sometimes a teacher, a queen, at times a calming sea, and a rambunctious storm at others.

Who am Eye?

What an odd question, and answering it is always an agonizing venture for me. Eye really don’t like the question because it leaves little for you to wonder and discover about me, and possibly even yourself,  and eye also am never really certain that eye know the answer myself. Eye like to believe that eye am a flower, or a butterfly, and like you, a living organism continuously growing, rapidly reproducing knowledge, and undergoing changes within due to surrounding environmental changes. If nothing else is true, eye know for sure that eye am fluid.

Eye like to read. To me, being able to read guarantees knowledge–the ability to know–and this is something that eye own and do not plan on giving away. Knowledge is power.

When it comes to what eye like to read, there is not one particular source or genre that eye prefer. Instead, it is the content that eye am interested in. Eye like to read things that advance my knowledge, things that tell me something new about the world, about myself, and/or about people. This is usually fulfilled by children books, rap, soul, and neo soul lyrics, and unorthodox authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Sigmund Freud. Odd bunch, right? Eye am fully aware. Like myself, my reading collection is also very fluid; however, in all of these places, two things are common: eye am left in awe by the content and eye leave with at least one quote.





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