What I read (First post)

I apologize for my incredibly lame and unexciting title, this blogging thing is completely new territory for me. It is pretty cool that there is a blog for the minor, because odds are I would have never actually forced myself to start blogging. There is a good chance that the regular blogging from the minor will get me into a routine that makes me an active blogger. Anyway, my name is Clinton Rooker and I’m a sophomore from Davison, MI. I played rugby, football, and wrestled in high school and was briefly a cheerleader here at Michigan. I’m a political science major and would like to eventually pursue a law degree, but first I have to get through these four years.

Until recently, I really had a difficult time motivating myself to read independently. I always bounced around genres and typically read nonfiction. I enjoyed very dry and analytical books, but eventually I found myself extremely bored with this type of reading. It wasn’t until last year that I found a love for short stories, largely due to my awesome professor in my first year writing course. I discovered that short stories are very fitting for my personality. They are concise and complete, yet carry complex themes and humor. I liked that I didn’t have to read hundreds of pages, which seemed like more of a chore than a leisure. I don’t know if I’m a lazy reader, unmotivated reader, or simply lack the time/attention span to read novels, but I’m happy I finally found a creative genre that fit with me. When I read, I pay close attention to the use of dialogue. I sometimes struggle at writing dialogue with an authentic/organic sound. I think this is a struggle a lot of people encounter, and it helps to read both effective and ineffective dialogue to find out what works.

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