“What is Going On in These Pictures in My Mind?” -Joan Didion


Most of the time, my mind is being invaded by both necessary and unnecessary thoughts and it makes it hard for me to distinguish between the two. To free myself from thoughts that reestablish past events and thoughts that drift away to what the thoughts of others are like. I write to establish and understand my thoughts. Joan Didion’s article, “Why I Write,” spoke directly to me. While reading, “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means,” an epiphany overcame me and finally I understand why starting the writing process is difficult for me, but ending it is a release. It is a release from confusion, and once I complete my writing, or my thought, what’s left behind is a feeling of calmness.

3 thoughts to ““What is Going On in These Pictures in My Mind?” -Joan Didion”

  1. Your final comment about having a sense of calmness after finishing your writing is interesting. Do you feel this way because what you write about is often hectic and putting these crazy events on paper diffuses the situation in a way? I’m asking because I would never classify my feeling about writing as calm, I would say it’s more satisfying than anything.

  2. Chris,

    I enjoy the way you think – and, by extension, the way you think about writing (specifically, how writing begins in confusion and ends as a satisfying release). I was also excited for you when you mentioned that you had an epiphany while reading the Didion piece! To understand more about why you write is an important thing! I’m looking forward to how you develop these thoughts more with further blog posts and projects.

  3. Chris,

    I love the picture you included (it connects with the “multimodal writing” we talked about in class this week). I completely relate with what you are saying. I too need to write my thoughts down in order to make sense of them, whether it’s writing a to do list or a 12 page research paper. I’m looking forward to hearing more about why you write and how it relates to your everyday life!


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