Drafting Away

When Shelley announced we were to have an entire class period dedicated to drafting, I immediately told myself it would be a wholly unproductive 90 minutes. For as long as I’ve been in school, I’ve never been able to get work done in in-class workshops; I suppose I’d rather procrastinate and squander my free time. But for whatever reason this workshop was different. I got a lot of stuff done!

I started by reading through my awful college essay while posting satirical comments throughout. Although I wasn’t very focused on working at first, it was pretty easy to come up with comments as there certainly is no shortage of material to mock. My favorite line so far is “I know Penn selects students based on the candidate’s desirability to them”. Now everyone is pretty dumb in high school, but that statement gives dumb a whole new meaning. Also, and somewhat alarmingly, how did the adults who edited the essay allow me to write that? Hopefully they knew it was a lost cause.



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But anyway, I had a lot of fun satirizing my 17 year-old mind and was able to make comments on the entire essay. When I started to struggle at times, I hopped onto the Onion’s website and read some articles for inspiration. This was one of my favorites.

Despite getting a ton of material down, I still have a lot of work to do. First off, some comments just aren’t that funny. The specific satirical genre conventions I used got pretty repetitive and I need to add more variety going forward. In addition to this, I need to figure out how to make my document aesthetically pleasing. For my draft, I used the “Add Comment” option on Word which is about as attractive as a blobfish.

But overall, I had a super productive workshop and have a bunch of great ideas for future progress.


Peace, love, and new Drake,



2 thoughts to “Drafting Away”

  1. Max,

    Good job on actually getting work done during class time (you are a rare species). You sound really excited about your topic, which will make your drafting process so much more fulfilling. As far as variety in your satirical genre conventions, have you ever considered pulling some ideas from your favorite comedian(s)? Maybe watching them perform, and studying their patterned rhetorical situation (I believe that they too have one). I think that this could possibly assist in adding some variety and maybe even more ideas. Give it a try?

    Good luck and I am excited to read your final project!


  2. Max,

    “For as long as I’ve been in school, I’ve never been able to get work done in in-class workshops; I suppose I’d rather procrastinate and squander my free time.” Yes. I understand and relate. I enjoy and appreciate the realism.

    I was actually thinking something along the same lines as Chris(s) and don’t know if I have much to add there, ha. Even reading lesser-known satire authors may be helpful, as they could have an approach to their work slightly different than more popular writers.

    Good luck!

    PS: That blobfish is nauseating, but so effective. Goodness.

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