Explicit v. Implicit Perspectives

I chose to repurpose one of my Ross application essays as a letter to my younger sister, who will be a freshman in college when I am a senior. I chose to repurpose this specific piece because I felt that I had not captured my full experience as a freshman at the University of Michigan. The essay prompt asked me to elaborate on my extra-curricular activities and how my actions as a freshman made me a strong candidate for Ross. In focusing solely on what I succeeded at as a freshman, I did not depict a completely holistic version of my first year at college. I want to focus on the setbacks and challenges I faced in my repurposing in order to let my sister know that the first year in college is not about succeeding at everything you do.

Our in-class assignment on Thursday allowed me to consider two different perspectives for my repurposing essay. Using an explicit perspective allowed me to make the essay more personal by directing the narrative at my sister and citing specific examples from my personal experience. This direction may have been too limited, however, in its audience. It is difficult to tell how much a letter to my sister would resonate with people other than the intended reader.

Using an implicit perspective allowed me to broaden my argument about the first-year college experience. I no longer was talking solely to my sister about my specific college experiences. This would hopefully result in my argument resonating with a larger audience. Using this more abstract narrative eliminated any personal examples I could use, though, which could undermine my credibility. This broadening of argument could also spread my idea too thin by there being a lack of specific evidence from my first year at college.

I plan on using the explicit perspective in my repurposing, since the original essay also used this form. While my new essay may not “click” with a large audience, I know that I can effectively persuade my sister through citing my own experiences as a freshman.

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