Project Proposal

I was looking through my folders of old papers, scuffling through everything I’d written in the past two years. I hit everything from character analyses of Parks and Rec to a review of a local breakfast joint. I picked through what seemed like a never-ending pile a crud; there was nothing here that I could work with. Searching forĀ old writing that I could use for my repurposing project was a chore, considering I was only looking into things that I had written for school or work.

But very luckily, a distracted day in class presented me with the perfect idea.

As I have mentioned before, I have a collection of unfortunate encounters with the male species. Whether it be being stood up at my own birthday party or a guy crying over a grilled cheese sandwich in my living room, I have a storybook of weird experiences with dudes.

And that was that. A storybook.

My idea is to convert an old blog post (which can be found here at my horrendously cheesy blog- Hurricane Kate) along with various word-of-mouth stories, into a small collection of laughable, failed attempts at romance. These stories are generally pretty short, but could have a fun twist by converting them into words instead of ridiculous stories I tell when I get distracted during class.

My goal for this piece (comprised of various smaller pieces) would be to tell a story while making people laugh. I want a genuine giggle out of my readers, all while using the “right” words to articulate the exact setting, feeling, and awkwardness of every situation.

Check out the blog, tell me if you think this is doable. Trust me- I’ve got plenty of stories to tell.

Kate out.

4 thoughts to “Project Proposal”

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. YES.
    This needs to happen. Please.

    I would devour something like this. These unfortunate situations happen to me all the time and I would love to read about someone else’s experiences. I think it would be a great opportunity for you to practice narrative and dialogue and all that other technical writing stuff, but it would be fun to write and fun for people to read.

    I think that’s really important, that it’s fun for you to write. I’ve been struggling with my repurposing essay because I can’t think of anything that I would be motivated to work on for such a long period of time. If these memories are something that you will enjoy spending time with, I support you 100%.

    It would be a personal piece, while staying relatable. It could also be simultaneously entertaining and challenging to write.

    You’ve got this.

    Olivia out.
    (Sorry, that’s your thing. But it feels really cool, so I might borrow it occasionally. I hope that’s ok.)

  2. I’m 900% with Olivia here. This needs to happen.

    I love reading stories like that, especially when they’re funny and unique, and you definitely seem to have a monopoly on those. What kind of format do you envision for these? Kind of like a personal narrative about these events that gives insight into a larger dating culture or your life? Or something more detached and third-person? Or something in between or outside of those (too many options to list haha).

    Either way, I can’t wait for this. #hype


  3. Kate,

    Your writing is so naturally funny, I think this idea would be a phenomenal way to demonstrate that. I think I would like to see a collection of short stories (maybe mimic the number 13 as a tribute to The Series of Unfortunate Events).

    Maybe for remediating you could make an actual storybook complete with illustrations. I mean what could possibly be even more humorous than a guy crying over a grilled cheese? Answer: a picture of it.

    As for your concern for making others laugh, I think you shouldn’t have to worry about that. I read your blog post and was genuinely cracking up. I think it is a tone that comes so naturally to you, you wouldn’t have to worry about if others found it funny because it is hilarious.

    I love love this idea. It is so relatable, not only to college aged girls in the dating scene, but to single people everywhere. That could be a thought to keep in mind while possibly expanding the audience.

    I cannot wait for this to be completed!!!


  4. I am seriously beyond excited to read this final product. I think this idea is great, and you could do so much with it. I think it would be really interesting to go against the “movie” style perfect relationships, and give a college-aged perspective on how relationships really are–through many failed attempts. It could also be interesting to bring in other perspectives/stories from “guests” if you need more content to add as well. Overall, I think this idea is hilarious and is bound to make everyone who reads it laugh. As Allie said, it’s just so relatable and definitely not talked about enough, and it will be intrigued to see an actual realistic perspective on relationships in college. Looking forward to this one!

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