Purposing Re-purposing

Admittedly, I had no idea what I was going to do for the re-purposing project at 9:33 AM on Thursday before class. I figured that was as good a time as any to start, though. I opened up my Google Drive and poured through old documents, some written as recently as last week, others from 2008 (physically painful for me to read). However, I was able to stumble upon an old Grammy’s preview article I had written, which included just a bit about how it was a travesty that Mumford & Son’s Babel was a lock to win over Frank Ocean’s R&B masterpiece Channel Orange, and the greater biases this revealed as existing music industry. From there, Max and I were able to run with a couple of ideas. We discussed possibly writing an analytical piece about white favoritism in awards (particularly music), and then moved onto whether Macklemore was more of an outlier or a trend-setter. Each of these came from more “creatively” written (sorry Shelley) pieces, but he proposed focusing them into a more analytical and “academic” framework. It will take a while for me to feel comfortable soliciting advice in this way, but has opened up the door for the future, and at the very least provided me a foundation for the re-purposing assignment. I think for now I’m going to be writing a research paper on the perceived bias in the Grammy awards, which is cool because I get to study music and pop culture, and music and pop culture are cool.

2 thoughts to “Purposing Re-purposing”

  1. Eli,
    I agree that music/pop culture will be a really cool thing to write about. Something like white favoritism will be a difficult topic to tackle, but it sounds like you are up for the challenge! Maybe it would be cool to look at the history of music awards with the idea of racial differences in mind. That’s just my two cents.

    – Julia

  2. Hi Eli,
    Wow, I didn’t realize how long ago this was posted. I think that since you wrote this you’ve decided to go with a more “informal” piece but still focus on white favoritism. Basing your piece off of that model you found will be a good place to start and after a few lines I think you’ll really run with it.
    –Julia the second

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