Re-Purposing Idea

When originally beginning the conversation with my partner about the re-purposing project, I was unsure of which original document to use. I liked the idea of re-purposing entries from my dream journal, which is actually just a note in my iPhone in which I scribble parts of dreams that I occasionally remember. Sometimes they are arbitrary but other times they are interesting and seem symbolic to me. I considered turning these notes into a story, but am not confident that I would be able to think of a meaningful message or purpose and then tie it into the story in an obvious way. My partner and I also discussed the option of writing a paper about the personal significance of my dreams, but I would rather go into a direction that shifts the purpose and audience of the text more drastically. After talking it through, there was no mode of repurposing these dream notes that stood out to me.

I have decided to instead use a different original source- a music review that I wrote earlier this year for the music blog: 10 After- a branch of MUSIC Matters which is a student group I am a part of on campus. I wrote the review about a musical duo called “Oh Wonder,” whose music immediately struck me for its peaceful, electro-acoustic sound. It is a 500-word short descriptive essay about their music and what was known about them at the time. The essay was meant to compliment and promote their music more than it was to criticize.

While discussing ways to re-purpose this piece, there were many ideas that I was excited about. We again talked about transforming it into a personal piece about how music has affected my life, but after finishing the Why I Write piece, I’d like to try something different than personally reflective writing. We discussed creating a playlist, writing a song, or doing a close-reading of a particular song, but I would rather choose a medium through which I can communicate more ideas more efficiently. The idea that I liked best was to turn the review into a more research-based essay about how music impacts people scientifically and emotionally. This subject, however, is extremely broad, so I did some serious thinking as to how I could narrow it down into a more specific topic.

Currently, I plan to re-purpose the music review into an analysis of the ways that musicians rise to fame in modern times and how these methods have been changed by the growth of the Internet, social media, and music sharing websites in the 21st century. This plan is open to change, but this is the direction I am currently facing.

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  1. Kaitlin

    I loved reading about the path that your conversation took and where it eventually landed. It sounds like you had a good conversation and a lot of good ideas to choose from, but I’m glad that you found one that you really like. I think your topic sounds really interesting. Current technology has really affected the way music works these days, so I think you will find a lot of interesting research on this topic. So many people download songs for free these days, so I think it could be interesting to look at the shift in music making money through sales to making money through concerts and other merchandise. Social media is also such a huge factor in music these days. I’m attaching something that I had to read for class that I think could pertain to your idea (sorry if it actually is no help). It’s a big, long PDF, but if you skip and just read Chapter 17 (page 259), I think it could be interesting research for your topic. Have fun writing!


  2. I like that you went with the music idea! I’ve never really given any thought about how celebrity status and fame has been transformed with social media, the internet, etc. but now that I think about it, everything is totally different. We had talked in class the other day about your repurposing and I think a relaxed, conversational tone would be effective when combined with a research style paper. I think the tone you choose would effect the overall appeal and audience, and the conversational tone (like that Vice article) would reach a larger audience. What are you thinking for your mode of presentation? I’m having trouble on deciding whether I should stick with the regular printed essay style, or try for something less academic. Your repurposing sounds like a solid idea, good luck!


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