Repurposing Assignment Update

So far I’m about halfway done with my repurposing project (I think), which means I’ve watched, paused, re-winded and fast-forwarded through half of the 2013 Grammy Awards show (no small feat, because the torrented link I’ve been using looks like it’s about to give my computer a virus every 2 minutes). I think it’s flowing well so far, and I have collected a solid amount of pictures, links, videos, and GIFs to include in the project. I really think this has added to the project and made it much more visual, which is a definite plus in communicating my points. I started using a Microsoft Word document, but realized quickly that wasn’t going to cut it for my genre needs. I’ve tentatively decided to use Weebly, a free blog site, although its interface isn’t the easiest to navigate (if you have any suggestions for me feel free to clue me in). What I’m struggling with the most right now is that I feel like my project is not necessarily making an argument right now, but rather is just a collection of organized thoughts. As I continue to watch and analyze, my goal is to work on making more of a concrete argument. Has anyone else had a similar problem? If so, let me know. Also, I’m not sure if it’s necessarily funny to people that aren’t me right now, but I guess we won’t know that until someone else reads it. Until then, enjoy this GIF of BeyoncĂ© (you might have to click it to get it to work).


2 thoughts to “Repurposing Assignment Update”

  1. Hi Eli,
    It sounds like you have a lot of material already (which is more than I can say for myself). Did you ever end up finding all of the Grammy footage from 2013? Whenever I have trouble forming a definite argument, I ask myself a set of questions instead. This process usually starts with some evidence gathering. Then, instead of a thesis (so much pressure) I’ve been taught to substitute a question. I think you’re looking at white privilege in the Grammys, so your question would presumably be focused around why this happens, or who the biggest advocators of this are, or how this privilege is actually instituted. (I’m assuming that you are attempting to go beyond just pointing out the problem). So look at which way your evidence leans and try substituting an investigative question for your thesis. When you get ready to write a conclusion of sorts, you should have an answer to the question, and you can then take that answer and use it as your thesis.
    Hope this helps!

  2. HEY ELI
    I hope you can read this and your computer hasn’t pooped out with a virus. Anywhoo it sounds like you are tackling this project with gusto! good for you. If you are having a hard time with weebly, try scrollkit. I think it’s pretty easy to work ( I am excited to see your finished project, I feel like we are in for a treat! As far as your problem of not having an argument, I think we are all in that boat (or at least I am). All I can say is maybe try typing out a rough draft without quite knowing your argument, and then cutting away the crap to what you are really trying to say? Maybe it’s bad advice… but it’s all I got.

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