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I struggled mightily in trying to come up with a piece of writing of mine to repurpose, and I think that most of this stemmed from how unfamiliar I am with the concept of repurposing. But through talking with Shelley and Eli in class, and reading the assignment prompt about 45 times, I finally gained an understanding of what was being asked of me. And now, I think I have a killer idea.

I often become a little too attached to my work, and [erroneously] think it’s absolutely perfect when finished, but irrationality aside, I was not interested in repurposing any of my more recent works. But I’m a fairly dynamic individual, and realize that I was a real dummy in high school, and at that, a dummy who wrote things down so they could be saved forever. So, I started digging through my ghost of hard-drive past and stumbled upon some of my worst writing to date: college essays.

My plan is take the absolute worst one, which will most likely be “Why Penn” (a school which I was rightfully denied acceptance to), and repurpose it to an audience of college-bound high schoolers under the following premise: How to Not Write a College Essay.

The Penn essay is laughable and provides me with a plethora of opportunities to make fun of myself, and more importantly, help college essay writers of the future not make the same mistakes I did. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do this yet, but my initial idea is to act as an employee in the Penn Admissions Office reviewing the essay. The project I will ultimately turn in will be the original document amended with a sea of red ink that will be my “admissions officer” comments.

These are all relatively new ideas so they’re a little half-baked, but I’m pretty excited with what I have so far, and I’m looking forward to improving upon everything in workshop tomorrow.

3 thoughts to “Repurposing idea”

  1. Hi Max,

    This is such cool idea. I’d probably be horrified to look through my old college applications- they weren’t pretty- so I admire your bravery for venturing back into that arena.

    I really love how your repurposed essay will become its own narration in addition to the original narrative of the essay. I think that will add a layer of depth to the piece- it will become more of a tangible, relatable story.

    I’d be very interested to see how this turns out and I’m sure it could end up helping someone.


  2. Max,

    This is wonderful. I laughed just reading it. With the natural wit and I’ve noticed just from being in a course with you, I can only imagine how this re-purposed piece is going to turn out. I think you took an extraordinarily creative approach to it. I also appreciate how you managed to tell a story and present an idea in so few words – it’s thorough and hysterical but not in any way drawn-out or wordy.

    Excited to see the finished piece!

  3. Max,

    I too had trouble finding a piece of my writing to use for the re-purposing project but for the exact opposite reason. I thought all of my pieces weren’t good enough. But I know the feeling you have when you know you’ve come up with the right idea. I’m really excited to see your final project. Have you thought of any ideas for your remediating? I’m really interested in how you’ll go from B to C.

    Good Luck!

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