Repurposing Post

It was a great idea to work with someone to assist me with some ideas for the repurposing assignment. My partner was very conscious of my interest and what each paper originally hoped to receive. They were also VERY creative and open-minded about all of the possibilities for my Project. It was refreshing to  have my work viewed through different eyes and from a different perspective.

I want to pursue, not one, but TWO topics from the list that my partner developed! They are both very interesting and powerful and deciding between the two seems almost impossible. I believe that my partner developed these topics by not only looking at what I want to accomplish but, by also keeping in mind the original subject of each piece and thinking of ways to stay true to those subjects and choosing ideas that are relevant to them.

In the future, when soliciting advice I will be sure to communicate what I hope to achieve. This experience has encouraged me to think outside of comfort zone when choosing a topic and to never eliminate the wildest possibilities… Because they can be really¬†great!

2 thoughts to “Repurposing Post”

  1. Chris,

    I’m so happy that your peer workshop went well! It’s encouraging to hear that you have more than one avenue to pursue and that you were understood well by your partner. I’m curious about what the ideas you discussed were – both the one you follow and the other – and what your original piece is! I’m looking forward to seeing it develop. It sounds like you’re excited about it!

  2. Chriss,

    I’m glad your workshop was so helpful! I would have really loved to hear what your two avenues were though. : ( This post left me wanting more. Can’t wait to see your final project. Good Luck!

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