Triumphs and Challenges in My Drafting Adventure

Thus far, my drafting experience has been exciting (surprisingly). I find my topic so interesting and somewhat fluid across several different genres that researching has really become an adventure–a liberating, awe-inspiring adventure.

My successes in the process up until now have been, finding a model for how I envision at least ONE aspect of my final project, understanding what I plan to address, and most importantly discovering a voice in my writing very much alike the voice in the original piece that I am taking my inspiration from. (Listening to the YouTube video of the original piece that is inspiring below will give you an idea of the “voice” you will be receiving from my piece):



Although I have been (almost completely) enjoying my drafting process, I have a large problemĀ . First, I am having problems figuring out how to incorporate both sides of my argument in a way that makes sense and “fits” with my project. Need some context on WHAT my project is? Well, I am performing a spoken word, similar to the topic in the video above, except I will take a different angle and argue that the revolution is being televised through social media in this Ferguson “era.”

What “opposing view” should I be taking with a topic and genre such as the one that I envision? And HOW am I supposed to incorporate the opposing view? If this were a paper, or a blog post, it would be simple. But, I have no idea how I am going to accomplish these two tasks.

What do you think?


2 thoughts to “Triumphs and Challenges in My Drafting Adventure”

  1. Chris!

    I am excited about how excited you are. I’m so happy your drafting process is going well – that’s encouraging for me as a person working on this project and also as someone in your blog group.

    One potential idea for how to incorporate the opposing view can come if you end up recording the spoken word piece in a video like was mentioned in class. You could always speak as “two people”, represented by a costume change or just by where you’re standing on the screen or the tone of your voice – one who carries the opposing view. I’m not sure if that’s an angle you’d be interested in considering, but it’s an idea that I had!

  2. Chriss,

    I’m glad you’re having fun with your re-purposing project. That means you are doing something right! As far as including an opposing view I love Alexis’ idea^! But do you even need an opposing view? If this is a passion project it should be about what you believe and your opinion. But if you need an opposing view I think Alexis’ idea could be pulled off really nicely. Are you video recording it or just voice recording? That’ll make a difference for the final piece.

    Hope this was helpful. Good luck on the next draft!

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