Triumphs and Trials of Re-Purposing

I’m super fired up for my re-purposing plan.

I’ve never had the freedom to choose what I’ll work on, totally mangle it and mess it all up, tear it apart, and then bring it back to be something new and better than before.

Did I mention that I get to pick whatever piece of writing I want?

That’s an awesome, free, kind of adult feeling, when you get to make your own decisions about where you want to go and how you want to go about it.

My plan seems simple, going from blog to story form, but it’s turned out to be more challenging than I thought. I’ve really struggled to match my tone and voice from my blog, which I really enjoy and want to be a part of this collection of short stories. Even though I feel as if I’m capturing the essence of the story, I’m not catching the feeling.

I want readers to feel exactly what I felt, or at least be able to laugh at what I felt as a boy sat on my living room floor eating a grilled cheese and bawling his eyes out about his ex. I want readers to feel how awkward, and later how hilarious, that moment was. I want to bring my tone into these stories, just as it is present in my blog.

Along with feeling like my tone is lacking, I’m struggling to figure out how long these stories should be. A couple of pages or a chapter? While some stories are longer than others, I want a bit of parallelism between length. I was thinking 3-5 pages per story?

My last little trial is figuring out what will make this project special. How can I make readers want to reread and share and tell everyone about my funny little stories? I want to grab attention and make this project super awesome, but I just don’t know where to round it out. What is essential to make this a well-rounded, complete project?

So, I’m struggling with/looking for feedback on/tell me what you’re thinking about:

1. How can I make my stories conversational?

2. How long should these stories be?

3.  What do you think might be essential to rounding this project out?

In terms of triumphs, I’m having a genuinely fun time reconstructing these stories in full. There are so many details that I’ve shared by word-of-mouth, but never recorded by writing down. Lots of good laughing to myself in the library…wow, that sounded so sad.

Kate out.

2 thoughts to “Triumphs and Trials of Re-Purposing”

  1. Kate,
    Ah I’m so excited to read this, you have no idea. I think a lot of the struggles you are having with your re-purposing are very normal and are what a lot of people are most likely struggling with–I know I am myself. As for making stories conversational, I’ve always been attracted to stories that ask questions to the reader. Whether rhetorical or just for dramatic effect, asking questions engages a reader and helps it relate to their own life and experiences, just something to think about. For length, I feel like that’s a tricker one that depends on the story itself. You may have more details for one story than another, which I think is completely fine. Although you want to be conscious of length, I would focus more on the content within, than simply page numbers. I think the most important thing is to fully express the story, and each story will be different in that aspect. Overall, I think having your humor come through is going to really make this project great. Your stories are funny, so having that come through in your writing is really what is going to make people want to read/share them. Good luck!

  2. Hi Kate,

    After reading the original blog post, I was in tears because it was so genuinely relatable and funny. As for capturing your tone (one I find similar to that of Lena Dunham), I think a good idea would be to maybe record yourself telling the story on your phone as you are so animated. Then you could simply listen back and know where you wanted emphasis and transcribe your spoken words onto paper. That could be a really good plan to capture your humorous tone.

    I think each story should vary in length. Maybe the ones you found most unfortunate should be longer and more detailed while others could be shorter in length just to support your main theme of having bad luck in the single life, which a lot of people relate to.

    As to what is essential to rounding out your project, I think anything is possible. You have an incredibly detailed story base to pull from and the background work is the difficult and that part is done. I think your ideas are great and speak for themselves. I do think I would like to see certain phrases or quotes pulled into a different font (think magazine article) to directly pull emphasis to specific moments- that’s just an idea.

    Overall, this is a fantastically structured plan so far and I can’t wait to see what the end product of this project is!


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