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Hi everyone!

I’m going to be (hopefully) creating a website for my final project. I’d like to make it, both back- and front-end, myself though if that fails I might be able to settle for a WYSIWYG that has HTML editing available.

If you don’t remember, my project is going to be about wealth inequality, how Americans perceive inequality, and solutions for combatting it. I feel like this lends itself to a web format because I plan to make it so graphic heavy and I would like to allow for as much interactivity as possible.

ANYWAY I’ll soon be considering different design ideas for how to display my project material, so I have one question: what is your favorite website (design) and why? Alternatively or additionally you could tell me about your least favorite!

To start it off, I’ll tell you my favorite website du jour: turbotax.com

For one, someone has really done a great job with turbotax’s image over the past year in general. Their commercials are funny and their design choices are just generally spot on. I like this website because, for one, it makes great use of white space which means there isn’t overcrowding of ideas or options. Additionally, for most options that you do have (outside of the top menu) there is an icon representing the content of the page the button would bring you to. Rollover animations are nice. Embedded video is well-placed. Scrolling animation for comparative features of their products is fun. Generally it is just a very pleasant and straight-forward experience. Your turn!!

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  1. Hey Lisa,
    A website is definitely the way to go for your project, and I’m leaning in that direction as well. From reading your post though I can tell you know a lot more about web design than I do and it looks like I have my work cut out for me. To answer your question: even though I don’t visit it that frequently, I really like the layout of the umich.edu main page. It’s clean, not too text heavy, and even though it has a lot of different information, it is easy to digest because of the scroll-through feature.

    So for a website like yours with a lot of different graphics and interactive elements, the big challenge is to incorporate all of that without it being too much of a chore for the user. I think a scroll-through feature might be a good solution to avoid that.

  2. Hello!

    This is definitely an exciting project to be starting. I think it will be really effective to show your images and messages with your own website design. I know there is a way through Michigan that you can create a website of your own and edit the HTML, I’d ask around about this or search it online.

    A specific design that comes to mind, because I’ve been visiting it so much for my own project, is the allofus.care website for a movement at UCLA. It has a lot of information and a lot of different forms, so it is a cool way to show many different forms of media.

  3. Also looking at websites for my project so I am doing a similar research to you! One kind of website I have always been attracted to is brewery websites. They always have some fun and interactive elements to them but often maintain a simplistic and clean look.

    http://brooklynbrewery.com/ or http://coorslight.com/ or https://www.shortsbrewing.com/

    I like how the picture at the top in the last two really captures your attention and prompts you to scroll down. I always find that people selling beer are fun people 🙂

  4. Hey Lisa! Web design is always super fun! I just stumbled across an adidas design website, adidasdesignstudios.com. With that name, it better be design-saavy. Anyway, the site utilizes a few different layouts that would probably be useful for infographics or quantitative graphs (although that’s not what it’s used for on this particular site). My personally favorite aspect of the layout is that the user can access each page simultaneously or separately, which really promotes cohesiveness, even among different layouts. As you scroll down, you have access to each page, which is previewed by a rectangular picture with text laid over it. Or, if you would like to look at a page more in depth, you can click on it from the menu up top. Hope you find some inspiration!

  5. Hey Lisa! You may have already seen this, but I found this website: http://www.awwwards.com/websites/clean/ that awards the best websites every year and looking through these has been really helpful seeing how different websites each have their own feel but manage the content and user experience effectively. Also, the first one on here https://mortierbrigade.com/ looks really cool if you’re trying to present your content sequentially!

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