Designing My E-Portfolio

At first, I had no idea how I was going to design my e-portfolio, and the fact that it seemed weeks away chased this worry from my mind. When we were presented with the prompt, however, the old worry surfaced. Looking at sample e-portfolios in class made me realize that the whole appeal of the e-portfolio hinges on your layout and design. You want it to be cool and unique, but you also don’t want the layout to be overdone and flashy, and thus take away from your overall work. There are so many components to the e-portfolio, and, as the New Critics would say, they need to be tied together in a sort of organic unity. With this on my mind, I went off to work at the UGLI. We recently got compact shelving, which allows for more storage room because the shelves can be fitted really close together. When you want a certain book, you simply press a button to move the shelves apart. The following video is what seems to be a hastily put together tutorial, but I think you get the idea.

Fascinated by the shelves for some inexplicable reason, I suddenly wondered if they held the key to organizing my e-portfolio. What if I organized it in the style of a library, where materials are grouped by subject in a catalog and neatly arranged on a shelf? You would be able to pull things off the virtual shelf, or put things back. I’m not exactly sure what form this takes, but I hope to take the idea and run with it.

Julia Smith

I am, like everyone else, a list of identities. I am a college student, a writer, a reader, a soccer fan, a worrier, both independent and dependent, a friend, a sister, organized until lack of time prevails, a leader, a follower, fond of sleep and bad at getting it, an amateur artist, a thinker, a collector and just your overall observer of the world we live in.

2 thoughts to “Designing My E-Portfolio”

  1. Hey Julia
    WHATTT?? I can’t believe those shelves are real life. They seem straight out of the Jetson’s or something . (Anyone else remember the Jetson’s….? Boomerang? No?) I liked how you incorporated a video to give a visual to your inspiration as it occurred. I really think that’s an amazing idea! Especially for you, who loves books so much. I can visualize it right now! It might be hard to make it happen, but I think you can totally do it!

    – The Other Julia

  2. Julia,
    I think the shelves are (a) awesome, (b) confusing, and (c) a great idea for a way to get started on your e-portfolio. I think there’s a lot of potential in being able to view yourself from a distance as well as looking within yourself in a way that this project asks of you. So it’s sweet that you’ve found something that gives you the inspiration to do that with something that you may have otherwise overlooked.

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