Ideas for my Remediation Paper

While sitting in class today, I realized that I really have no clue how I want to remediate the memoir I wrote. Being a memior, my paper could be shot like a documentary style film, however this options could involve help with filming (considering I am the subject). Additionally, it would also require digging up a lot of old videos and photos of my performances and my childhood. Although this is still an option, it just requires a lot of resources that I am not sure I have.

One thing I know for sure is that I would like to highlight, either with audio or video clips, my older days of performance. I do not, however, know if these old films can be easily, or even legally, transferred onto my computer. So that will be something to look into. Another way to keep music incorporated would be to write a song. I’d love to record a song, however songwriting is not my strong suit, and I am not sure if I could give my 10 page paper justice with a single song.

While in class today, someone mentioned the idea of a series of blog posts. This instantly sounded like a viable option, as I could write the posts as if they are entries from the time period of the various points in my life that I emphasize in my memoir. This could give more present tense attention to the challenges and decisions I have made throughout my life, instead of simply reminiscing on them in past tense.

Lastly, I could do a podcast. This could give me a chance to keep much of the content of my paper, while also utilizing audio clips/music from my performances. This would help me keep the personal narrative aspect, but in a possibly more realistic way then a video documentary.

As you can probably tell, I am completely unsure of which avenue I will take, and part of that decision may involve research into what resources I may have as far as old videos, pictures, and audio clips.

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