Ideas for Remediation

For my repurposed assignment, I reworked one of my application essays for the business school into a letter to my younger sister. My original essay focused on what I had accomplished in my first year at college, but I realized that this was a very close-minded view on my experience last year. By only focusing on my successes, I left out the necessary parts of my freshman year that led to those successes. I chose to complete the picture of my freshman year for my sister in order to communicate the idea that previous failures support your future successes.

I’m throwing around a couple ideas for my remediation right now. I’m pretty sure I want to use my repurposed essay for this assignment, but I’m not yet sure what new medium I will use. Currently, I’m leaning toward some sort of audio medium, since it would make more sense for me to tell my sister this rather than write to her about it. It wouldn’t really be a radio show, but my story could be enhanced by background music and other sound clips.

While this medium has its potential, I was very interested in a fellow classmate’s idea for her remediation. She talked about following the format of an ASAP Science video by creating a film of someone drawing with voice-over added. I have seen this sort of format work especially well in the Kahn Academy videos, and if I was a better artist I would definitely choose this medium. However, I’m unsure if this format would work since my essay is less instructive (Khan Academy style) and more reflective.

I am excited to see what other ideas people post on this blog for their remediation. Let me know if you have an idea for mine that would work well with me telling my sister this essay instead of using a written letter-style format.

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