Making Stress Exciting

So today I returned home from class and basically cried in my girlfriend’s lap for 20 minutes about the amount of work I had to do on the project. She was very helpful actually because she basically forced me to stop crying and get my shit together.┬áThe question she asked was simple, but it took me a few minutes to come up with an answer.

“What do you have left to do?”

“A lot,” I mumbled into her dress. Thinking about everything I had left to do had left a knot in my stomach that was easier to leave alone then deal with.

“Well, what specifically?” She was getting impatient, so she got out a piece of paper and a pen and repeated herself. So I started at the beginning and she scribbled everything she heard down as I went.

The end game is the portfolio, which I have up and running with a decent amount of content. But there are so many parts, right? You have the project, the essay, your artifacts, and 3 separate annotated bibliographies. I realized I had bits of pieces of each that I needed to start melding together into one cohesive unit. I have a theme for the portfolio that makes it easier to think about and situate in my mind. I have 75% of a project, an OK draft of my essay, a list of sources (some are annotated), and a link to my portfolio. So now is crunch time. I have the tools, I just need the motivation.

And I found that motivation when I sat on the couch later that day, revising my evolution essay. I picked this project. I was not assigned a mundane project that a professor thought would teach me some facet of a college education that provides me with no real skill necessary to the real world. This is something awesome that I now have the power to make or break. And, when you are passionate about a topic, it is so much easier to make it than break it. So I made a much more detailed plan of action to get my head back in the game transfer the stress of deadlines into the initial excitement that motivated me to write my proposal.

So if any of you are worried and stressed, you aren’t alone. Just write it down, take it step-by-step, and remember how freaking cool these bad lads are going to look when we’ve finished with them.

Keep on keeping on.

2 thoughts to “Making Stress Exciting”

  1. Sam, as I’m sure many people have realized from my reactions in class, I have felt this way a lot about the project. Although there is a lot to be done, this is a really exciting time. It’s nerve-racking because we’ve set up these idealized projects all semester that we want to be great, and these weeks ahead are when those projects really get made. But that’s also the great part, because you’ll come out with a product you came up with and created all your own.

    I’m a big list person as well:) It helps to itemize everything! Good luck

  2. Hey Sam,

    Thanks for writing this. Really – it was a huge help to read. The hardest part for me is exactly what you mentioned, the motivation. People ask me what my project is about and I speak about it with such enthusiasm and excitement. Or we’re talking about our projects during workshopping in class and I get pumped about the possible potential of my project. And then I get home, and I can’t retain any of that motivation. On top of that, my roommates aren’t doing anything so there’s really no way to sustain motivation. I have all of these ideas and different parts of my project, I just need to sit down and write it all out. Maybe making a list would be helpful. But I’m scared that I’m going to start making the list and realize there’s so much I still have to do. I don’t even want to face it. But I guess I have no choice.

    Good luck! Two week home stretch. And then we’re golden!

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