Percentages of Disciplinary Focus





  • English Composition 40%
  • Philosophy 10%
  • Sociology 10%
  • Culture 20%
    • (Popular Culture)
  • Literature/Poetry 10%
  • Music 10%






  • Poetry 40%
  • Spoken Word 30%
  • Music 20%
  • English Composition 5%
  • Philosophy 5%


Skills/Things to Learn


  • In a poetic context, how to choose single words more precisely to imbue greater meaning than the mere definitions of them
    • More specifically, how to contextualize words in order to enhance their meanings
  • How to speak with clear syllabic definition and to emphasize every bit of musicality that can come from language and speech
  • How to understand poetry that is somewhat bare or vague
  • How to capture the relationship between music and words, how they can reflect each other (may be more useful for Capstone stuff)

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