Poetry at Literati

This weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of listening to my professor, Raymond McDaniel, and his colleague, Tarfia Faizullah, read selections of poetry that they have published as well as poems that have not been released yet. I was floored. Both poets have an uncanny command of the English language, as well as an ability to shape beautiful portraits of people, places, and experiences.

My favorite poems that were read were McDaniel’s about his life in Florida. Being a Floridian myself, I was swept up in a current of memories and emotions. The cranky sunbathers, oppressive heat, and crushing humidity came back to me as McDaniel’s words floated through my brain. It was almost surreal.

Tarfia’s poems were charged with emotional and sexual tension. Though I couldn’t relate directly to some of the experiences that she described, I could easily place myself in those situations – hypothetically, of course.

It was a great hour of poetry and I highly recommend these kinds of events to everyone in the minor. Invite your friends, too! I brought a buddy with me and he also enjoyed it.

Art is #fun doe.

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